4 Reasons to Consider Investing in International Small Caps

December 10, 2018

Investors and advisors have welcomed U.S. small cap stocks for decades, yet non-U.S. small-caps have yet to become widely included in client portfolios. Why?

With over ten years of experience actively investing in the international equity space, we’ve assembled four main reasons to invest in this under-appreciated asset class, including:

Reason 1: There is Significant Potential to Capture Inefficiencies in International Small Caps. 



Interested in the three other reasons?  
Read our research document on 4 Reasons to Invest in International Small Cap. 

4 Reasons to Invest in International Small Cap

Equity Risk. The Fund’s equity holdings, including common stocks, may decline in value. The value of a security may decline for a number of reasons, which are detailed in the prospectus.

Foreign & Emerging Markets Investing Risks. As a result of political or economic instability in foreign countries, there can be special risks associated with investing in foreign securities, including fluctuations in currency exchange rates, increased price volatility and difficulty obtaining information. In addition, emerging markets may present additional risk due to potential for greater economic and political instability in less developed countries.

Small Cap Risk. The Fund’s investments in small capitalization companies may be less liquid and their securities’ prices may fluctuate more than those of larger, more established companies.

There can be no guarantee that any strategy (risk management or otherwise) will be successful. All investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal.


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