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November 26, 2018

Interested in asset classes like international small cap or global multi cap? You’ve come to the right place! Here at LMCG we manage dedicated strategies in each realm and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and data in overseas investing. We strive to be thought leaders and look forward to exploring trends and presenting information that we trust will help you make investment decisions.

LMCG Market Insights

In the ISC area, we also want to give readers a glimpse under the hood of our investment process, and explain what factors shaped our methodologies and led us to design our very own quantitative models. 

As you will see, the breadth of the non-U.S. equity universe presents significant opportunities for excess performance, but only if a systematic investment approach is employed.

Over the following months we will be providing:

  • Insights around the ups and downs of international small cap and global multi cap investing

  • Data-driven graphs and statistics to help you make investment decisions

  • Details around our alpha-producing strategies

  • Conversations with our portfolio managers

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